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I have a passion for the art of language - have loved words ever since my sister taught me to read and write when I was just three years old. I've been writing ever since, earning two Master's Degrees in Literature and Creative Writing, serving as editor of several literary journals and magazines over the years, and ultimately, teaching. I'm currently developing an MFA in Creative Writing at LCAD. Recently, I received the high honor of PRIZE AMERICANA for my book-length poem Untended Garden (The Poetry Press, 2015), as well as the NANCY DEW TAYLOR PRIZE for Literary Excellence in Poetry (2014), and the KICK PRIZE for poetry (2013). My poems have been widely published internationally, and anthologized in such places as Human and Inhuman Poems(Knopf/Everyman), Poets Against the War, and WTC Remembrances. My fiction, reviews, and essays have been published in such places as the Anthology of Los Angeles Short Fiction (Red Hen Press), and the award-winning book, John Fante: A Critical Gathering. I was also a professional Art Director, graphic designer, visual artist, and musician. For seven glorious days I recorded my original musical compositions for A&M Records in Los Angeles. My installation art has been featured in several gallery showings. I am constantly inspired by my LCAD students and colleagues - their ideas, their creativity, their passion. To earn a living at what you love is a blessing. To be able to do it at such an enriching place as LCAD is the ultimate career.