Pre – College Summer 2023

Monday, July 10th-Thursday, August 3rd

8AM-Noon | Monday-Thursday

Tuition: $750

4-week summer program


Thursday, August 3rd will be an Open House highlighting student work from the Pre-College program.

Get a head start on your art + design education.

We offer summer courses that enable prospective students to explore the foundations of LCAD’s curriculum, build fundamental skills valuable in the development of your admissions portfolio, and even earn transferable college credit at a fraction of the cost of standard tuition!


FD110: Fundamentals of Drawing (2 credits):

This course is an introduction to drawing, covering the basic technical skills and materials necessary to create convincing representations of simple or complex still-life forms. Students are introduced to composition and the concepts of creating volume and space utilizing lines as measurement, construction drawing, and value systems. Materials include graphite and charcoal.


FD111: Fundamentals of Figure Drawing (2 credits):

This course is an introduction to drawing the human form. Students work from the draped and undraped model. Emphasis is on accurate representation of the figure utilizing observation with the elements of gesture, measurement, construction line, volume, proportion, and surface anatomy. Materials include graphite and charcoal.


FD169: LCAD Animation-Jam (3 credits):

Where can you learn animation principles on the fly with a world-class animator, unlock the secrets of classical hand-drawn animation, gain important skills that will be the first step toward a college degree, and make an animated film with new friends? At this summer’s LCAD Animation-Jam! Learn principles that make professional character animation look amazing, improve your drawing skills, learn about collaboration and the steps in making an animated film, and then make a film with your classmates. This highly focused summer course from LCAD Animation will be a memorable part of your summer. The group-film produced this summer will be included in the 2024 Laguna Animation Film Festival (LAFF) screening event in May 2024.


Note: this course will run 8AM-3PM with a 1-hour lunch break.


FD170: Intro to 3D Modeling for Games (2 credits)

This course introduces the techniques used for 3D modeling, starting from the ground up. Students will be introduced to a modeling program known as 3D Studio Max, and will learn how to navigate and use the program to model 3D props and assets. Students will also learn how to use UV unwrapping techniques to apply textures to their models, and will be able to implement them into a game engine to see how their props would look in an in-game view. This course gives students the opportunity to work through a 3D artist’s pipeline and learn that 3D modeling is a very fun and technical way of creating art for games!


FD119: Design and Motion (2 credits)

Students will be creating unique vector-based design solutions and will bring them to life as a motion graphic. Design Sketching, Ideation, Digital Design Techniques and Motion Graphics will be demonstrated, practiced and applied. Two Professional Designers (LCAD faculty) will be leading this class with their expertise in Design,

Print and Pattern, Digital Production and Motion Design.

This project-based learning course primarily uses Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects on lab computers. Some familiarity with either program may allow for more advanced outcomes but is not required.

This summer course is recommended for those seeking skills relevant to digital art, graphic design, and motion graphics.


Note: On-campus housing is not available for the summer Pre-College program. The final day to drop a course for a refund is Thursday, July 6, 2023.


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