MFA Portfolio Information

LCAD Students participate in Plein Air painting at Nina's Park outdoors, with a historic tree in the background.

Portfolio Overview

To apply for admission to LCAD’s MFA in Drawing or MFA in Painting, you are required to present a portfolio of your best work that demonstrates your strengths, interests, and individual growth. LCAD recognizes that students enter college with diverse artistic backgrounds; therefore, each portfolio is evaluated on an individual, specific basis.

Portfolio Guidelines

Submit a portfolio of 15 to 20 works: The portfolio should include pieces done within the last 4 years. Work done from direct observation and/or imagination is encouraged. Submitted artwork should reflect the applicant’s current creative direction. Websites are not accepted as portfolios.

Please include: an Inventory Sheet which includes the title, medium, size and date of completion for each image. Files should be saved at 72dpi at around 1mb each. Title each file “last name_first name 01.jpeg, last name_first name 02.jpeg ” making sure each number corresponds with the Inventory Sheet. All images should be included in a master file folder titled “last name_first name Portfolio”.

Sending Your Portfolio: Digital Portfolio submissions are preferred. Please follow the above formatting instructions and email your Portfolio as an attachment to your Admissions Counselor or:

For any further questions please contact us at:

Phone: 949-376-6000 ext.248