Off-Campus Housing

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Off-Campus Housing Information (non-school related)

Off Campus Housing Guide

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LCAD is committed to assisting students with both on- and off-campus housing options.   If students were not able to obtain housing in the residence hall, there are several areas located in Laguna Beach and surrounding areas that may assist students with off-campus housing options. Please download the Off-Campus Housing Guide to provide assistance in local apartments.   Finding a place to live can be challenging at times. Look for resources and workshops provided through the year that can be of help in finding a place to live. Resources and workshops will be listed on the student app and student portal.   The resources provided help to guide students on steps to take when beginning the process to finding independent housing. LCAD does not provide endorsements or recommendations to living such as apartments. We encourage the following recommendations when considering your decision for independent housing:


  • Understand the expenses for independent living (consider all of the costs for living off campus, such as, cost of rent, utilities, food, transportation, and other living expenses)
  • Evaluate your financial resources (will you be working while in school, will you receive family contributions to living, or sharing living space with others?)
  • Identify your resources to finding independent housing (finding reputable websites to for independent housing, finding roommates, location to school, etc.)
  • Requirements to living in an apartment or other independent housing (ask what the landlords or property owners require to live at the location, expectations, etc.)


Since the process of finding independent housing can be long, we encourage students to start early in identifying their resources. To familiarize yourself with Laguna Beach, visit Be patient! Contact Housing and Residence Life or someone in Student Affairs for more available resources or assistance.

For additional information on transportation resources, please visit The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) at or call 714-560-OCTA. Identifying local bus stops near your independent housing is important if you will not have a car.

For additional support, please contact to schedule a call or ask for additional support.