Suzanne Chonette Senior Studios

LCAD Suzanne Chonette senior studios building, with a mountain the background.

The Launching Grounds for the Next Generation of Creative Leaders


Located conveniently across the street from our historic Main Campus, LCAD’s Suzanne Chonette Senior Studios boast bright, spacious, private, and collaborative workspaces. The flowing interior design provides a sense of openness and the exterior expanse is framed naturally by the surrounding Laguna Canyon setting that is at once peaceful and rejuvenating. Suzanne Chonette Senior Studios will provide you with a unified space in which you will finalize your senior projects, develop your portfolio, and refine the skills that your creative industry demands.


Laguna College of Art + Design

Suzanne Chonette Senior Studios

2295 Laguna Canyon Road

Laguna Beach, CA 92651