When should I transfer?

Stay in touch with your admissions counselor -ask for an admissions counselor assignment at

LCAD encourages students to transfer when a student’s portfolio is ready for review and admission, preparation of your skills for our program can be discussed with your counselor. Recommendations may vary from “Take a semester or two to work on the portfolio while completing liberal arts” to “Your skills are ready. You should transfer as soon as possible”.

Should I complete my AA at my local community college before transferring?

Completing an AA degree is only recommended for students applying to other schools such as state colleges or universities. LCAD curriculum does not require IGETC requirement or require 2 years of foundation studies. Completing an AA does not qualify students for 2 years of transfer credit at LCAD.

What type of classes are beneficial to take prior to transferring?

A recommendation of predominantly Liberal Arts courses, outlined on LCAD’s Transfer Credit Guidelines document, with one or two drawing courses per semester. Drawing courses should attempt to build foundation drawing skills. Please contact your admissions counselor and LCAD’s transfer specialist for confirmation of courses specific for your major.

Is there someone I can talk to about my transcript?

Students planning for community college are recommended to contact: 1 to 2 semesters of community college maximum is the suggested timeline prior to transfer.

When should I open my application?

Applications can be opened up to 1 year prior to enrollment semester (i.e. I want to attend Fall 2020, I can open my application now during Fall 2019). By opening the application early in the admissions process, students have the advantage of receiving feedback, often resulting in increased scholarship, and higher chances of admission.

Open a free application at:

Is there a difference in transferring for Fall or Spring semester?

LCAD has a freshman cohort starting each semester, with curriculum rolling year-round. Campus Dorms (priority offered to First Time Freshmen) are only available during the Fall semester. Off campus housing and coordination is offered both Spring and Fall semesters.

When will I know how many credits will transfer?

Liberal art transfer credit can be determined with the submission of transcripts at any point in the admissions process. For estimation of studio art course credit, students must be accepted to the college. A deposit is not required to have a Transfer Portfolio reviewed before committing to the college.

What is my length-of-stay at LCAD, after transferring?

On average students transfer students have a length of stay of 3.5 - 4 years at LCAD after transfer. Length of stay is determined by how the review of the Transfer Portfolio.

Do I have to submit a transfer portfolio?

The Transfer Portfolio is not a requirement to transfer, but is a requirement to review transfer credit for studio courses. Students that have taken studio courses, but wish to take the full LCAD studio curriculum have the option to forfeit the course credits, transferring only Liberal Art credit.

What is the minimum unit amount to transfer to LCAD? Is there a maximum amount of accepted credits?

LCAD has no minimum unit requirement. Students may transfer up to 40 credits of Liberal Art credits, and 26 studio art units (or 66 total units) from an accredited institution.

Is LCAD on a semester or quarter system? Does this affect my credit transfer?

LCAD curriculum is paced in semesters, Spring and Fall. Depending on original institution unit amount (Quarterly system), studio courses may be non-transferrable, transfer for elective credit, or more than one course credits may be combined to award credit toward LCAD courses. Liberal Art course will transfer based on grade and credit amount (3 units or higher and grades C or higher acceptable)

What is the GPA requirement for transferring? What if I have ‘W’s on my transcript?

LCAD has a 2.5 minimum GPA requirement. W’s do not bar a student from admission to the college, GPA and overall academic performance are considered.


  • -Priority should be on the Admissions Portfolio and being accepted to the college, the appeal of transfer credit is a secondary process.
  • -Check in with an admissions counselor a few months before the priority dates.
  • -Gather images for classes as you complete them throughout your course. This facilitates the organization of the transfer portfolio.