Thoughts for Nina

04 / 05 / 14

There’s very few times in our life that we meet people like Nina Fitzpatrick. Nina is currently a Fine Art senior at LCAD, and as of Thursday night, she has been hospitalized for being hit by a car while walking on the LCAD crosswalk.

Nina is one of those people who seems to just radiate.  Not only in her contagious laugh, but in her extreme positivity towards average life.  Her light is seen by many, and being so bright, it could only engulf fellow students and faculty she encountered.

The beautiful gathering for Nina at LCAD Friday afternoon reminded many of us of how special Nina is, how many peers she has inspired, and teachers she has charmed.

It is terrifying how quickly this single moment has changed LCAD forever, and although there is nothing to be done about what has passed, I hope we all continue to keep Nina and her family in our thoughts (and prayers) and search for the strength and positivity she carries everyday.

Nina’s hard work is evident in each of her artworks, I would encourage everyone to take the time to admire her talent,

We love you Nina, get better soon.