08 / 30 / 14

Hi y’all! My name is Aidan!  I’m an incoming Junior and I’ll be the fine art blogger for the next year or so!  I’m pretty stoked for the upcoming semester, so I hope everyone reading shares a similar enthusiasm; improvement manifests much quicker when you feel passionate about something.  Anyways, I hope to be able to add an entry once or twice a month, most of which will probably be more technical than philosophical.  I have something of a penchant for more logical and concrete considerations with respect to painting and drawing.  As part of the introduction and also to hopefully add some small degree of credibility to any opinions I espouse on this blog, I have included a few photos of my own paintings and drawings.  I’m an absolute fanatic about figure and portrait painting (which I suppose is fitting seeing as how everyone does a lot of that at LCAD).  I hope to see everyone around campus a lot!

IMG_2478Neil Life Drawingtarkin painting