Fine Art Representative Introduction

09 / 16 / 14

Hi everyone!

With the semester underway and everyone settling in I wanted to introduce myself (to those of you who don’t know me already) as your Fine Art Student Representative for 2014-2015. I’m very excited about the upcoming academic year and look forward to meeting as many of you as I can.

As I major, we’re definitely a minority on campus, especially when compared to the game art and animation crowd so its important for us to stick together! Ive got some ideas in the works for workshops and other activities throughout the year but would love to hear any suggestions or ideas you have as well.

On that note; if you’re one of the 1.19 billion+ users on Facebook, head over to HERE to join our major’s very own Facebook page to share your thoughts and introduce yourself. Ill be posting fairly regularly there and on here as well for those not indoctrinated into the social media scene, so check back often. Additionally, if you have any question or concerns please feel free to stop me around campus and talk my ear off.

As a bonus, super talented artist and great guy Aidan Barker-Hill will also be posting on here for Fine Art and is definitely someone to watch.

I’ll be posting information soon regarding our first meeting and upcoming school activities….the first of which is:


Red Cross Blood Drive

Sign up today at and enter code “LCAD”.  You can also walk up to the bus located in the MC Parking Lot from 7:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Help save a life and donate come of your ‘creative juices’!

Cant wait to see you all around campus!