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09 / 15 / 10


Although I have yet to paint the figure, I will be introduced to it this winter in figure studies with Hope Railey. Today I had the day off from classes and I spent a few hours reading from a book on Egon Schiele. Schiele reminds me that I want not only to become a painter of the figure but also a painter of the human condition. I let that thought stew inside of me a bit… What brought me to post tonight was a painter I felt compelled to share... View Article

09 / 11 / 10

workshop after workshop

Fifteen 15 minute drawings, 8 pages of copies, 60 pages of poetry. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it but I am glad that I made it past week one of homework. One of the most important lessons I have learned (really, I am still learning it) is how to manage my time. Finishing this initial week returning to classes, I got a feel for my new workload and how to handle it. I spent last Tuesday night with a group of classmates at a friend’s house in Costa Mesa reading... View Article

09 / 03 / 10

eat, sleep, draw the figure

Classes started up this past Monday and it feels so natural to once again be spending my days and nights on campus in Laguna. I’m taking a full load of classes, liberal arts and studio. My studio classes going to demand much time out of class as well as tentative studying in class in order to benefit from my instructors’ knowledge of the figure and continue to progress as a student of art. Discipline is key. I am an avid sketchbook keeper and both my Figure Studies and Artistic Anatomy courses... View Article

08 / 09 / 10

from AZ -> OC -> LA -> SF -> LCAD.

Hi I’m Lauren Molina. This is my pet mouse, Strathmore. I work at a comic book shop. These are some of my sketches. These are my friends & I at school. It’s been a long summer break and classes begin again on the 30th. My first two semesters at LCAD were hard work and discovery. I learned how to sharpen charcoal pencils using a razor blade, how to create blue in the Zorn palette, and found inspiration from ancient Greek myth & epic poems. Moving to Orange County from Arizona... View Article