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12 / 01 / 11

computers club

I can’ quite remember how I found this blogsite but I do know that after working on my 1/2 life size charcoal figure drawing for so many hours, this site has provided ample visual relief. “A Club for Computers” has .gif animations by Francoise Gamma that entrance me. What is a .gif? Graphics Interchange Format files use the 24-bit  RGB color spectrum and can be a series of frames to create a low-res animated clip (thanks Wikipedia). Basically a short loop using limited color made on a computer interface, a... View Article

11 / 19 / 11


I was organizing some cards around the comic shop this week when the coolest thing ever (in the realm of collectors/trading cards, at least) came up. I found a Marvel Masterpiece card, circa 1993, with a painting of Nightcrawler made by Kent Williams! After I found the one, I had my eyes peeled in hopes of finding another in the stacks that I was sorting. Eventually I found a couple more, I was delighted. I took some photos to post here on the blog. For those unfamiliar, Kent Williams is... View Article

11 / 04 / 11


I’ve been neglecting the school blog, but that’s mainly because I’m at the height of the fall semester – beginning my finals projects while still working on small homeworks and, of course, registering for the spring. It feels pretty weird signing up for the spring semester already, but registration happens every semester whether or not we’re prepared for thinking about the semester ending and a new one beginning. It’s been raining all day and I’ve been inside painting, what better way to spend my time? (I was watching a few... View Article

10 / 24 / 11


I flipped through Phaidon’s new Vitamin 3D this weekend and landed on the page of Berlinde De Bruyckere’s sculptures. Immediately drawn to the ambiguity of the figures and a taxidermy horse, I wrote down her name to later google search for her. This evening I did. I am majorly impressed and inspired by the work of Bruyckere, so much that I am beginning to pray that when (if) I go to London I will be able to find some of her work on display to view in person. The work of... View Article

10 / 20 / 11

midterms, again

Computers in the library can take photos of you like this ^ I’ve been wiped out due to mid-terms. Will post this weekend. Here’s some surrealist photos that I’ve been exposed to in my Modern & Contemporary Art class. I’m really into them: Hugo Ball in his Magical Bishop costume. two of Hans Bellmer’s La Poupée          

10 / 06 / 11

monsters+ alumni

This afternoon while on my lunch break from painting class I checked my google reader and found a new post by LCAD alumni, Jessie Fohrman. I mentioned her in the post I made about the graduates last fall. It seems that she’d had success in getting her work noticed! She recently created a super cool monster  costume for Deerhoof’s new music video. I am a huge Deerhoof fan and couldn’t be more proud to see an LCAD alumni teaming up with such an awesome group to make an outstanding video.... View Article

09 / 29 / 11

MoCA/Nat’l Museum Day

Did you know last saturday, September 24th, was National Museum Day? Me neither. But a fellow art nerd in line at the MoCa did and he didn’t fail to remind me….after we paid admission. Either way, I was happy to be at a museum on National Museum Day even if I didn’t know it was such a day. My mom came to CA from AZ this weekend to spend time with me for my birthday and suggested we go to see a museum in LA together. Great idea, Mom. So we... View Article

09 / 21 / 11


it’s like i’m really there.     (“The Artist is Present” web-game)  

09 / 18 / 11

interview IV

This week I remembered the last interview I made on this blog was so long ago. I tried to think of someone interesting, someone different, someone I really wanted to talk to that I could try and contact for the blog.    I sent out an e-mail to Blaise Larmee. A comic artist who I really enjoy. He has written a comic called Young Lions that I highly recommend not only for the really attractive, sensitive drawings but also for the witty sarcasm in his writing. His new web-comic, 2001, is... View Article

09 / 08 / 11

nomon sirton

Two weeks deep into school and I think I’m getting sick…back to school germs, the worst. Wash your hands. Wash my hands. Anyway, last weekend I went to the Norton Simon (again) and I mostly just breathed in the old masters and then booked it towards all my favorites. Goya, Rusha, Nauman…but this time I remembered out of all the Degas there, to look more closely at the horse sculpture studies. Those horses are so awesome. So descriptive of the nature of the animal. I sketched one, “Horse With Head... View Article