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30 / 09 / 14


FINE ARTS MAJOR MEETING WEDNESDAY OCT 1ST 6pm in STUDIO 6 Hi Everyone! Just wanted to drop a line to let you all know that this coming Wednesday, October 1st will be the first meeting for all us Fine Arts majors. We’ll be meeting at 6pm in Studio 6. For those of you not in the know, this is a great opportunity to discuss things we’d like to do as a group over the course of the academic year. These meetings are especially important for you freshmen and sophomores AND... View Article

16 / 09 / 14

Fine Art Representative Introduction

Hi everyone! With the semester underway and everyone settling in I wanted to introduce myself (to those of you who don’t know me already) as your Fine Art Student Representative for 2014-2015. I’m very excited about the upcoming academic year and look forward to meeting as many of you as I can. As I major, we’re definitely a minority on campus, especially when compared to the game art and animation crowd so its important for us to stick together! Ive got some ideas in the works for workshops and other... View Article