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05 / 04 / 14

Thoughts for Nina

There’s very few times in our life that we meet people like Nina Fitzpatrick. Nina is currently a Fine Art senior at LCAD, and as of Thursday night, she has been hospitalized for being hit by a car while walking on the LCAD crosswalk. Nina is one of those people who seems to just radiate.  Not only in her contagious laugh, but in her extreme positivity towards average life.  Her light is seen by many, and being so bright, it could only engulf fellow students and faculty she encountered. The... View Article

11 / 12 / 13


There comes a point in an art student’s career where they are at a crossroads. I’m sure my peers can agree with me. It’s where you have so much to do, you don’t even know where to begin.  Bed seems most tempting, but fear of final critique keeps you from sleeping. As we approach finals (next week), suddenly all your work, which you were excited for at one point, seems mediocre. But this mediocrity can be fixed with enough time, enough paint, and enough alcohol. Good luck everyone!

21 / 11 / 13

ms. saville

I have been wrestling with my final for Figure Painting 3 for quite some time. Kenny (Harris) recommended a self-portrait, after all what model is more reliable to paint then yourself. And like any normal person, the concept of a self portrait is horrifying. Both daunting and difficult, my frustration began to reveal itself as a chose my pose.  Once I had the idea sketched out (usually the more difficult part), I found I needed inspiration as to how to go about painting it.  This search brought me to our... View Article

25 / 10 / 13

lattes and things

There are two women who come in to my work almost everyday, Thing 1 and Thing 2.   When they approach, we all shudder.  These two women are the most picky, incessantly rude, condescending women I have ever met.  One of them (Thing 2) asked if I did “anything else?” I fought a laugh and said I went to school (“No I’m not just a barista”).  She asked “where?”, and I told her “LCAD”.  Her response:   “Wow I think it’s so great they have a place like that, for people... View Article

16 / 10 / 13

beginner’s luck

Art school is a difficult concept for people to grasp. Why anyone would want to dedicate his or her life and studies to something so unrealistic and financially unstable?  I had begun my journey at LCAD with the sole intention of receiving my BFA to continue to a MA in Art Therapy.  I sat in my studio classes as a writer sits in math class, wondering: “why the hell am I taking this?” During my final critique in my first figure painting class, my professor, Hope Railey warned me.  She... View Article