09 / 30 / 14

6pm in STUDIO 6

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to drop a line to let you all know that this coming
Wednesday, October 1st will be the first meeting for all us Fine Arts
majors. We’ll be meeting at 6pm in Studio 6. For those of you not in
the know, this is a great opportunity to discuss things we’d like to
do as a group over the course of the academic year. These meetings are
especially important for you freshmen and sophomores AND a great way
to meet others in your major.

Rush Night is coming up pretty quick (October 17th) so we’ll be
going over that. In addition we’ll be discussing what we’d like to do
as a group this year, as well as any questions, concerns or ideas
YOU’D like to bring to the table. Plus, our Fine Arts Chair, Hope
Railey will be in attendance!

Lastly, to answer the big question that everyone always wants to
know: will there be pizza? Nope, and let me explain why. Our major has
(some) limited funds that we can use for all kinds of awesome
activities and blowing it on pizza would kinda be a bummer. That said,
we could arrange future meetings to be potluck style so we can still
feast while we discuss.

I look forward to seeing you all there. Remember, the more we work
together, the more we can achieve.


Joe Remmers