Bounce House
03 / 27 / 17

Happy Three Month Late New Year

Hello everyone. I’m sure you have been itching to hear more about what’s going on in the animation department. Here are just a few pictures to catch you up. You can find more on the LCAD Facebook page or the website. Within the first week of coming back, we had welcome back bounce houses set up in the parking lot. Here’s just one photo from the fun.  Only a couple of weeks ago we were blessed to have Ron Clements, John Musker, and Eric Goldberg talk to us about directing... View Article

03 / 02 / 17

Q&A with LCAD MFA in Painting Candidate, Teresa Hill Q: Who is your LCAD graduate mentor, and why did you choose her/him? A:  I had a couple of mentors but I’d say Luis Serrano stands out as the most important of them. Luis believes in guiding a student toward their original voice without imposing his in the mix.  He’d make suggestions about technical issues and ask the important question, “what are you trying to say,” rather than tell me I should add this or subtract that.  And Luis would (and on occasion still does) send me articles and... View Article