James Baxter
09 / 25 / 16

James Baxter visit!

This past Saturday we had a spectacular visit with James Baxter! We were quite fortunate to have him demonstrate how he animates and answer questions from everyone for several hours. At the end of the presentation, we shot his animation on a down shooter and watched a cat come to life! Here’s the link to his finished animation. James Baxter He was very generous, answering questions, talking to the students, letting them take pictures with him and giving autographs. Our next event will be Rush Night on October 21st. Stay tuned!

09 / 12 / 16

Animation meeting and Events!

This past Saturday we had an animation meeting to introduce the new chair, Sean Bishop, show the seniors’ reels, and announce events coming up. Sean Bishop, a DreamWorks story artist, is a wonderful teacher with a fun personality. For students who haven’t had the chance to meet him yet, I would highly recommend saying hi, also to help him feel welcomed by everyone. We have some really talented seniors this year and lots of great films to watch! Some seniors need help with their films so it’s a chance for... View Article

One of Guillermo Del Toro's characters.
09 / 09 / 16

At Home With Monsters … and Other Fun Stuff

For a lifetime SoCal resident, to not have visited LACMA or any of the other incredible museums in the Los Angeles County is a real shame. I decided to change that over the three-day Labor Day weekend, and took to the streets of L.A. with some friends in tow. I was excited about seeing some of the things that I’ve seen only in photos, or in movies. L.A. is a hub for the arts, it was bound to be a moving experience. We arrived and the first thing we saw... View Article

09 / 01 / 16

Introducing Wendy Gracia

Something about being at Laguna College of Art and Design creates a feeling of being somewhere like home. Coming to school here, I feel, has really made my love for the arts grow. Which is one of my big reasons for wanting to run for the representative position for my major. Over the past two years that I have spent at this school, I have seen strangers becoming friends, art students become full-fledged artists, and I have really had the pleasure of watching my peers blossom and flourish. From participating in school... View Article