08 / 30 / 16

Welcome week!

Hello everyone!¬†It was so good to meet most of you during the first week of Orientation and I hope you’ve enjoyed your first two days of class. We had some crazy events and did some really fun activities together. <a

08 / 26 / 16

Game Art Summer Introduction 2016

Hey guys how’s it going! Hope you guys had a blast of a summer and are ready to start back up the school year! Looking forward to representing Game Art this year and really hoping that everyone has the best time at LCAD. If anybody was interested here’s my website and show some artwork that I’ve done at LCAD over the past two years Also to pump people up for the year, I thought I’d share LCAD’s own Games Matter video. Stay Schwifty everybody!      

08 / 15 / 16

Summer Introduction 2016!

Hello everyone! Hope your summer was fun and fulfilling. I’m really excited to meet everyone and looking forward to the new year. Here’s just a brief VIDEO I made (hope it’s not too boring) and it shows a little of the¬†amazing talent we have at this school. Click the “Venetia_LCAD Blog” link. Here’s some of my work too if you want to check it out that I did from class assignments and one from Inktober, a voluntary art challenge to draw in ink through all of October. And if you’re... View Article