05 / 07 / 15

Finals 2015

Happy Finals everyone! I hope you’re all working hard, summer is around the corner. I personally have had a smooth finals week thus far; and I wanted to share with you my process for my final self portrait from my figure painting class. I only just started painting last semester, and I believe that it has been essential for my growth as an illustrator. Take a look at how I went about it: ¬†when in doubt… start over… This painting was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to... View Article

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05 / 05 / 15

Making A Board Game – Part 4

Our board game arrived in the mail last week, and it felt like Christmas. The end of this journey is really just the beginning… Andrew and I plan on taking this game a step further over summer after we finalize all of the artwork for the OFFICIAL PROTOTYPE. We are pushing it well beyond the classroom, and so far it has felt really rewarding. I truly recommend to anyone who has the opportunity, go above and beyond at school, find ways of making your projects relevant to you and the... View Article

Rising Stars 1
05 / 02 / 15

Rising Stars !

Well, it is finally here. Tonight is the opening of the first of two MFA grad shows at Q art salon in Santa Ana. It has been a challenging, sometimes frustrating, and oft times invigoration experience for most of us who have gone through this journey. For those of us who challenged ourselves conceptually, emotionally, intellectually and technically, we come away with a sense of pride and accomplishment that no one can take away from us. We have met and worked with many amazing artists along the way, each one... View Article