04 / 05 / 14

Thoughts for Nina

There’s very few times in our life that we meet people like Nina Fitzpatrick. Nina is currently a Fine Art senior at LCAD, and as of Thursday night, she has been hospitalized for being hit by a car while walking on the LCAD crosswalk. Nina is one of those people who seems to just radiate. ┬áNot only in her contagious laugh, but in her extreme positivity towards average life. ┬áHer light is seen by many, and being so bright, it could only engulf fellow students and faculty she encountered. The... View Article

04 / 03 / 14

March’s 2014 Alumni Workshop

Hey everyone!      March has come to an end, but lets not forget how it started: with exciting events! I’ll be honest, the Saturday Alumni Workshop was the biggest Game Art event I’ve ever attended in my four years of bein’ at LCAD. Workshops from 9am to 4pm from five of our school’s graduates? Crazy! Room 5 was so full of people they set up a stream to Room 4 just so everyone could watch.      But that wasn’t all! A day before, on February 28th, Blizzard Entertainment hosted an LCAD Alumni... View Article