02 / 26 / 13

Weapons with Xan

Last Saturday was Samurai night at LCAD. Xan came in and brought all kinds of interesting weapons from Japanese katanas to tribal shields. The night was a fun experience because we did not only get to draw but also learned a lot about the functionality and fighting styles of the various weapons. Moreover we all got some hands on experience in fighting styles and modeling. Holding a sword in a difficult pose for a few minutes is way more challenging than you would think. An on campus kendo class with... View Article

02 / 06 / 13

It Has Been A Great Run

As many of you may know, last semester was my final one where I capped off the amazing LCAD experience with my final Capstone presentation. This also means that my time here as the LCAD Student Graphic Design blogger has come to an end. But of course, as the common maxim says, ‘when a door closes, another on opens.’ In this case, a new blogger steps through the door as I exit and I’m excited to say that my friend Renee will be my successor to the blog. You are... View Article