10 / 09 / 12

For what it’s worth

A friend of mine asked me the other day what the pros and cons of graphic design are for me personally because she’s been struggling with the decision to make the switch to graphic design. So this is what my response to her was plus a little more. Hokay so the pros and cons (this is gonna be a long one): So the con first, by nature you almost will always be working with a client. That may not even be a bad thing but when you want to do... View Article

10 / 03 / 12


Concept Design Academy visited LCAD for a workshop last week. The weekend consisted of workshops by Carlo Arellano, Bryan Wynia, John Park and Jaime Jones. Carlo is also teaching Advanced Digital Painting at LCAD this year. All of us LCAD students that went had a lot of fun and learned a lot about character design,sculpting, kitbashing, mechs and environment painting. We also got the chance to talk one on one with the industry professionals and earn some valuable feedback. Because the workshops are as much about improving your skills as... View Article