02 / 29 / 12

Read up!

Come see Rango! THIS FRIDAY, 7PM, BB3, we will be screening the Academy Award winning animated feature, RANGO! Open to all students in all disciplines. Limited seating. Come early to enjoy this year’s winner! Come learn from Eric Goldberg! From Dave Kuhn, Chair of Animation’s email: “We are very pleased to officially announce the Eric Goldberg Animation Master Class hosted at LCAD this summer. This advanced collaborative workshop will run for 12 consecutive Saturdays from June 9th through August 25th. Both Dave Pruiksma and I have been directed by Eric... View Article

02 / 24 / 12

The Chicana/o Biennial Was a Success!

So it’s been a while since I last posted and I felt like I should write a little more instead of just posting photos.  On Friday February 3rd I was lucky to be apart of the 4th Chicano Biennial.  The event took place at the MACLA gallery located in San Jose, CA.  For those unfamiliar with San Jose, it is located about an hour south of San Francisco.  It is the third largest city in California in terms of population behind Los Angeles and San Diego respectively.  San Jose also... View Article

02 / 23 / 12

Fun Events Coming Up!!! And a couple page suggestions!

Last time we held Voice Audition Night, it was a big hit and everyone had a lot of fun. Show up if you have a film or story reel coming up where you need a voice, if you would like to provide a voice, or just to let loose and have some pizza. Getting to provide the voice for a character or  getting to direct (LCAD’s curriculum has provided me with both wonderful experiences) is really rewarding and educational. We have our own professional sound recording booth where you will... View Article

02 / 18 / 12

just barely

UGH! this post is overdue. nuff said. so whats up!?hhmmm. i dont really know where to start. things have been hectic but kind of great at the same time. things are going smoothly despite constantly juggling things. its part of life. happy to have it. Things i have been working on:   we’ll go in order of my schedule:   illustrative painting. still not gonna show you. i guess im just too lazy to take photos of all the crap that is required of this one project, its a post... View Article

02 / 14 / 12


I have been sick almost all of last week and was not really able to do anything but lie in my bed so that gave me a lot of time to think. Here are the results. This week I want to share some of my thoughts on inspiration and reference with you. I am sure other people have written better and clearer about this, so this is completely my personal opinion. Summarizing information from classes at LCAD, workshops and personal research let me start off giving you a (my) definition... View Article

02 / 13 / 12

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Lots of mushy stuff!

But first.. UPDATES! I wanted to share with you some pictures from some of the guest lectures we’ve had recently. Our teachers Dave Kuhn (also Chair of Animation) and Dave Pruiksma (a.k.a. “The Daves”) are awesome for being able to organize these events and opportunities for us to meet pros in the business. The guest speakers are always a blast.   Stephen Chiodo’s visit was really neat. Just to recap really quickly on what he does, he runs a stop motion animation studio in Burbank (Chiodo Brothers Productions, Inc.) with... View Article

02 / 12 / 12

flies are out

The seasons are changing again. I thought it would never happen. Winter has been long and cold in my studio. I’ve been neglecting this blog for too long. I found photos I took this past Friday from my Figure Drawing IV class. John Brosio, our instructor, had us spend about 2 hours of the class this week working with blind contour. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, give it a shot: look at something, anything, and with pencil/pen/marker/crayon in hand begin to follow the contours of that thing using your... View Article

02 / 06 / 12

Shower Musings

Designers don’t read or write as much as they should. We communicate visually but we don’t communicate with words. I find this true with myself, which is why I resolve to write and read more about design or even other things. Thus, leads me to my journaling of my thoughts from the shower. As I was showering the other day, where much of my internal musings take place, I contemplated on several things. My time alone is both a confusing and affirming.  Like exploring a forrest deeper and deeper one goes, so do my... View Article

02 / 01 / 12

La Cavale

escape. man, i could use one tonight. its difficult to stay interested when some of my instructors seem like they gloss over their own curriculum. Im speaking primarily about my color illustration course, in which i feel completely unchallenged and almost insulted by how remedial the lessons are.  there are no bigger questions. there is no relevancy between it and the[maybe just MY] current world for me. its frustrating as hell. i know im not any different than any other illustration student and therefore must subject myself to this curriculum,... View Article