07 / 15 / 11

Stef Driesen

Yesterday I saw some work by Belgian painter, Stef Driesen, online and today I kept thinking about the paintings. Decidedly, I am posting a few here. He has shown in both Los Angeles and New York so I am trying to find out if any of the galleries in LA have pieces of his on view in their permanent collection. I really like the surrealist qualities of some of his paintings but also the barely ambiguous figures and natural formations (mountains?). Reminds me a bit of Michael Borremans and Luc... View Article

07 / 14 / 11

june bugs

My absence from the blog has been too long. There is a lot of things happening at LCAD: Gallery 793 opened it’s first wave of student, faculty, and alumni art at the beginning of this month and will be opening with it’s second wave of art pieces and another reception night on August 4th. The Rodin exhibit has come to LCAD’s gallery with multiple bronze sculptures on display and a really interesting look at the ‘lost wax’ process of creating bronzed casts. As of now, there isn’t a lot else... View Article