03 / 27 / 11


SO there’s a lot that’s been happening on planet earth. Earthquaking Japan, viewing the Supermoon, new signs of life everywhere I look, Spring Equinox. I find myself easily affected by the weather and seasons. Everyone seems to be in a slump and it has been cloudy and rainy for days, now. Middle of the semester blues. LCAD Student Services must have seen the downers, like me, moping around in the library and in and out of the studios searching for some good or bad news…and so they threw “Spring Fling”... View Article

03 / 17 / 11


In Los Angeles the Getty Center sits high above the smog, the food trucks, the million dollar homes. The Getty Center is kind of like Disneyland. Visitors must board a tram that shuttles up to the main buildings, far from the parking ground level. Yesterday I went to the Getty for the first time. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to see everything but I will likely go back soon. I had a fit almost twice at the Getty. The frist time was when I asked a guard if there... View Article

03 / 10 / 11

Kinetic Sculpture

In painting class last night two of my classmates were telling me about these kinetic sculptures made by Theo Jansen. Tubes and bottles designed to work together perfectly when wind blows on their apparatus. The best part? Jansen refers to his designs as animals and explains how they are evolving to become moreĀ resilientĀ and able to store their wind energy. The incredibly light weight, delicate structures, remind both my classmates and myself of DaVinci’s designs. Designer, Innovator, Artist. Strandbeest. Theo Jansen on Ted Talks Rhinoceros