Laguna College of Art + Design

Counseling Services

As a student of LCAD, our Counselors are available to meet with you throughout the term during set hours and by appointment at alternate times. 

The LCAD Counseling Office is here to help students with problems they might encounter. Meetings are confidential.  


Typical reasons a student might seek counseling include any of the following: 

  • School problems (low grades, low motivations, organization problems)
  • Relationship problems (significant other problems, friendship problems, roommate problems, family problems)
  • LGBTQA issues (finding social support on campus, adjustment issues, questions of concern, relationships)
  • Drug or alcohol issues
  • Emotional issues (depression, anxiety, anger)
  • Seeking referral for mental health treatment


The LCAD Counseling Office is located on LCAD’s historic Main Campus.