Laguna College of Art + Design

LCAD'S Off-Campus Housing Cordinator

Our Off-Campus Housing Cordinator will assist you in your search for off-campus housing. The coordinator will provide you with listings of houses, apartments, rooms in houses, guesthouses, and other rooms for rent in Laguna Beach and its surrounding communities.

Written materials such as a housing survey and student housing brochures are available only to students who have deposited through the Admissions Office. The surveys and the coordinator are particularly helpful in both your search for suitable housing and in connecting you with potential roommates.


Smart tactics—such as searching known websites—can give you an edge in the hunt for a rental. When searching for apartments online, search in the South and Central Orange County areas. Our brochures provide website addresses, housing rate estimates, and other housing resources.


If you have your own transportation, you have more options regarding where you choose to live. If you do not have your own means of transportation, your housing search should be convenient to bus stops. The OCTA (Orange County Transportation Authority) bus stops in front of LCAD. You can check the OCTA website at for information or call (714) 560-OCTA for general information and (714) 636-RIDE for bus routing information.


Laguna Beach is one of the most desirable beach communities on California’s coast; therefore, rental rates can be higher than in other US locations. The best time to begin your search is one (1) month to six (6) weeks prior to arriving at LCAD. To familiarize yourself with the area, please visit: and/or


All temporary housing rates are subject to availability and to change.

For more information about off-campus housing, please e-mail Cheyanna Vang at or call (949) 376-6000, ext. 235.