Student Center FAQ

At Laguna College of Art + Design (LCAD), providing a positive, supportive, inclusive, and safe educational environment for our students is one of our highest priorities. As a non-profit college of art and design, LCAD remains committed to the artistic, intellectual, and professional preparation of our students since 1961. However, despite our efforts, our students still face a number of notable obstacles in achieving success. Many face challenges to their mental and physical well-being that include dangerously high levels of stress, lack of access to healthy and affordable food options, and a lack of tools and resources to address these issues effectively. They also deal with the potential dangers of traversing Laguna Canyon Road both as motorists and as pedestrians. LCAD recognizes this and is working hard to address these issues and to find solutions that benefit our students’ welfare and educational experiences, as well as those that ultimately benefit the community.

LCAD’s students and the community of Laguna Beach need a place that provides solutions to these mounting problems. That place is a student center.