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LCAD Offers Free Summer Liberal Arts Course to Newly Accepted and Continuing Students »

Western Art History Comes to Life this Summer for Newly Admitted and Continuing Students

For the first time in the College’s 55-year history, LCAD is offering a chance for all newly accepted and continuing LCAD students to enroll in a free summer session of Western Art History 1 (AH210), the first half of a two-semester, three-unit, required Liberal Arts course.

Advantages of early completion of Western Art History 1 (AH210):
– Head start on fulfilling Liberal Arts requirements and prerequisites
– Free up a semester to focus on studio coursework
Possibility for no Liberal Arts coursework but Senior Capstone during senior year

Western Art History 1 (AH210) 3 units (required)
June 06­–24, 2016
M–F, 2–4:50PM
Marcella Stockstill

Western Art History 1 (AH210) constitutes the first half of a two-semester, required course that introduces students to art historical issues and important monuments in the Western tradition, from pre-history through the mid-nineteenth century. It establishes a social, political, and historical context for the production of art in society, and provides art students with a sense of the historical development of styles as a continuous tradition relating to their own work. This course is coordinated with the History of Western Civilization course.

Prerequisites: Western Art 1 (AH210) must be taken before Western Art 2 (AH220).

About the Instructor:
Stockstill_Headshot 1
LCAD Western Art History instructor, Marcella Stockstill

Marcella J. Stockstill is an instructor of Art History at LCAD and a PhD candidate at Claremont Graduate University (CGU), where she recently was named a Transdisciplinary Dissertation Award Recipient for the 2016-17 academic year. Marcella also was the recipient of CGU’s School of Arts & Humanities 2010 Friedman Grant and was chosen as one of only nine scholars in the U.S. to receive a Newberry Renaissance Consortium Grant to participate in the 2014 Dissertation Seminar for Historians at the Center for Renaissance Studies.

To enroll in Western Art History 1 (AH210), please contact LCAD’s Registrar/Director of Institutional Research, Laura Patrick and/or LCAD’s Assistant Registrar/Assistant Director of Institutional Research, Michael Zuniga by 5:00 p.m., Friday, June 3rd at