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LCAD Art of Game Design, USC GamePipe and Marshall School of Business Game Team "SuperNova" by Andrew Barnes

LCAD Art of Game Design, USC GamePipe and Marshall School of Business Game Team “SuperNova” by Andrew Barnes

Fully remote businesses are becoming the desired workspaces of today. This notion is supported by some surprising insights and statistics in “Here’s Why Millennials Are Starting Fully Remote Businesses–Should You Follow Suit?“ a recent Forbes article penned by digital marketing specialist, Larry Alton. Research strongly suggests that these new work-from-home models raise productivity and ingenuity. Some of the game-related pros and cons of this paradigm shift are sited in Gamasutra’s “Working Remotely: Yes, It Sounds Good, But How Do You Actually Do It” by veteran game developer, Jake Simpson. LCAD’s fully online MFA program in Art of Game Design takes this shift and its implications seriously.

Education is a business. This is why our MFA program in Art of Game Design is proactive in responding to trends and business structures that its graduates will experience in the workplace. Our graduates’ skills are highly sought after precisely because their adaptability to the modern work space has increased in real time along with market trends. The Art of Game Design MFA at LCAD is structured to embrace not only the rewards of remote learning, but also the skills required to excel in the fully remote workplaces of today and of the future.

In our Faculty Interview and in our Student Highlight, you will find two great examples of highly motivated individuals whose own experiences with fully remote learning and business have improved their productivity and their lifestyles.

What are your goals? If being at the leading edge of game design is one of them, and if acquiring the necessary skills in a timeframe that works best with your busy schedule is another, LCAD’s MFA program in Art of Game Design MFA will enable you to achieve your goals. Our unique program considers undergraduate students and young professionals and not only will teach you design, but also will help you to get your first game ready for publishing.

Our next review of candidates starts January 31st. Accepted candidates with deposit, are receiving an additional $1500.00 award for early applications. Program acceptance closes March 1, 2018. Don’t wait, change your future now.