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Where can an advanced degree take you? If you are recent Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) Art of Game Design MFA Graduate, Andre Thomas, you are appointed to the new new Koshland Public engagement Advisory board for National Academy of Sciences.

Andre states: “My appointment to National Academy of Sciences’ Advisory Board came as a total surprise. It is a huge honor and I am very humbled by it. However, more importantly, my appointment to the Advisory Board is a validation at the highest level of academia that LCAD’s groundbreaking MFA program in Art of Game Design at LCAD is leading the way. It clearly shows that the world around us is noticing the power of games as more than just a form of entertainment. I couldn’t be more proud to have completed LCAD’s Art of Game Design program as a member of one of its first cohorts. Thank you, LCAD.”

Thank YOU, Andre! And Congratulations!

Andre Thomas now teaches game design at Texas A&M, where he established theLearning Interactive Visualization Experience lab. He also is the founder ofTriseum a company dedicated to building the highest quality educational video games.