Illustration BFA

Illustration BFA

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Mark Zoeller

Part-time Instructor










I graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus Ohio, with a B.F.A. in 1987. I headed to Chicago where work as a storyboard artist for advertising agencies was in abundance. Clients included J. Walter Thompson, Leo Burnett, FCB, Kraft, Purina, General Motors, and many more. Seeking a respite from the brutal winters and non-stop work, I moved out to Laguna Niguel in 1990. After a few months on the beach, I landed a job at Warner Bros. TV Animation, which lasted 6 years. Although I didn’t have any animation experience, I quickly took to the task as a character designer, developer, and storyboard artist. There I got to work with Steven Spielberg and many other amazing talents Two years after becoming a storyboard artist, I received my first Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Storyboarding. A year later I got a call from DreamWorks SKG, where I. I received my second Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Storyboarding. It was the first Emmy Award ever received on a project in the history of DreamWorks. Since then, I’ve worked with Warner Bros, Disney, Fox, Marvel, and Technicolor to name a few, both in animation and live action.

I also have experience as a fine artist, a gallery owner, and an illustrator. I look forward to bringing my years of abundant experience to LCAD.

Shannon Bellanca

Part-time Instructor

B.A. Chapman University







Shannon Bellanca is a mutli-disciplinary Art Director/Designer living and working in Los Angeles, CA for the past 10 years. Her passion is not only for design, but for all parts of print, especially the intricacies of production. Her work encompasses brand identity, packaging, advertising campaigns, and websites for clients that include fashion, cosmetics, events, creative professionals, and nonprofits.

Growing up in the town of Beaverton, OR, famed as the headquarters of Nike, she was surrounded by innovative design and technology. Other childhood influences include 1980’s aesthetics, including The Memphis Group, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and “Teeny Little Super Guy” stop motion animation.

Since her formal design training at Chapman University, Shannon has brought her unique design sensibility to companies large and small. She recently spent the last 4 years as creative lead at CauseForce, a specialty agency focusing on nonprofit fundraising. She played a major role in elevating the creative standards of the agency, helping them almost double in size during the process. Now freelance, her clients have included Variety Magazine, Hollywood Forever, and Old Navy.

Luc Desmarchelier

Associate Professor

BA Ecole d”Arts Appliques ‘La Martiniere’, Lyon France.








Luc Desmarchelier, is a veteran artist who has worked as an illustrator, designer, art director and production designer in advertising, feature animation and live action film since 1984. Luc has worked in France, Martinique, England and California for RSCG, Universal, Amblin, Dreamworks, Sony and others. Film credits include: Shrek, Sprit, Corpses Bride, Open Season, Charilie and the Chocolate Factory and several others. Luc has a BA degree in Graphic Arts from Ecole d”Arts Appliques ‘La Martiniere’, Lyon France.

Luc has received several professional acknowledgments, some of which include an Annie Award for outstanding individual achievement for production design in an animated feature production for the movie “Spirit”.

Larry Taugher

Part-time Instructor








I have worked as a freelance Illustrator for various Ad agencies, designers and corporations in Orange Co., L.A. and the U.S. over the last 25 years. I have exhibited my own work locally in shows such as the “Festival of the Arts” in Laguna Beach and through various galleries. Several pieces of my work have been published and licensed in forms ranging from fine art prints, posters, greetingcards, stamps, puzzles,phone cards, and clothing apparel. I work in a Photo-realistic Airbrush Style. For the last ten years most of my work has been created digitally. Subject matter capabilities include a broad range of areas such as Technical,Medical, Produce, Product, Educational,Entertainment, and Wildlife.I primarily work in Adobe Photoshop, I also use Adobe Illustrator, Stratavision 3D, Raydream Designer, Specular Texturescape and some QuarkXpress and Painter. I work on a Macintosh Platform though I am familiar PC’s. I have worked for various clients including Arco, AT&T, Bubba Gump Restaurants, B.J. Chicago Pizza,Chiat Day, Hilton Hotels, Halliburton, Hansens Beverages, Hart Court Brace Publishing, IFX Produtions, IBM, Interplay Games, Jimmy Buffet Inc., Kroger Foods, LeapFrog Learning Systems, Lowes Foods,Litton Electronics, Macdonald’s, Mitsubishi, Mattel Toys, Oxford University Press, Sony, Suzuki,Toyota, The United Nations, Union 76, Warner Brothers.


David Vargo

Part-time Instructor








I was born and raised in the small town of Erie, Pennsylvania. Being the son of factory workers, I wasn’t surrounded by art. However, everyone in my family had an intense creative streak. My mother decorated cakes and ceramic ornaments. My uncle Robert was my biggest art influence. He introduced me to the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy illustration. In high school I found that I could draw rapidly. This gave me the ability to fully realize all the mysterious and crazy things that dwelt in my head. In my junior year I was introduced to painting. This catapulted my visions into another realm. After serving my country as an infantryman in the United States Marine Corps, I realized that the creative side of my brain wanted to stretch its muscles. I found that my greatest love of art was as a visual storyteller. So, naturally, I set out to become an illustrator. I enrolled fulltime at the Laguna College of Art and Design. I did well in college, capturing a few awards in competitions. While in art school I supplemented my income by making and selling portraits and small-scale illustrations. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine arts in Illustration from LCAD. I took a year off and found that I wanted to pursue painting even further. I enrolled into an MFA program and earned my Master’s Degree in Fine Arts in Illustrationfrom from California State University at Long Beach. During this time I found another love, teaching. From all my time at school I learned that the artistic/academic environment contains an energy that is found in few places. I love seeing the “light-bulb” light up on a student when they discover an important artistic facet. Often I find myself on the receiving end of the wonderful experience of learning. This is my attraction to education: the sharing of knowledge. The materials and techniques that I use continue to evolve, but I am at heart a traditional painter. I continue to pursue illustration and continue to teach and learn from students in my classes.


Michael Savas

Professor, Chair of Illustration


Welcome to the illustration major, I’m Michael Savas, Chair of Illustration. My professional career spans both traditional and technology-based methods. I began my professional career as an advertising and technical illustrator in the early 1980’s, creating illustrations for the aerospace and retail industries. Some of my clients have included: Mitsubishi, Seiko Instruments, Mars Candy, Beckman Instruments and Sega Games. My personal work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, New York, Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles, Spectrum, Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, and Applied Arts. My digital work has been featured internationally in exhibitions and publications including The National Association of Desktop Publishing Journal, Artistry Magazine, and Corel Painter books. I received my B.F.A. Summa Cum Laude from Laguna College of Art & Design and continued my graduate studies in illustration and printmaking at California University Long Beach where I received my M.F.A. degree. I began teaching at Laguna College of Art & Design in 1996 and was initiated into the National Honor Society Phi Kappa Phi in April 2005.

I look forward to meeting you.


Caleb Cleveland

Part-time Instructor

MFA Theatre Arts CSU







I’m Caleb Cleveland, a concept artist and illustrator based in San Diego. My career began in the theatre designing sets and costumes, but has has since taken me to many other aspects of commercial art, including illustration, furniture design, comics, and concept art for video games. I’ve created art for the likes of Chaosium Inc., Sony CEA, The Jim Henson Company, Red Mile Entertainment, and Collision Games. My work can be viewed at and


Monica Magaña

Class of 2015

BFA Illustration - Drawing and Painting Emphasis

Storyboard Artist / Illustrator

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 2.26.34 PM
Monica Magaña, was recently a member of a creative team assembled by Academy Award® nominated director, Adam Pesapane, well-known for his groundbreaking stop-motion films.
Using thousands of paper illustrations to create a flipbook glimpse into Honda Motor’s past and present innovations, Magaña and team created a groundbreaking commercial called “Paper.”
Honda loved the commercial so much, they decided to double their airtime purchase and to premier the complete 2-minute version on CBS during the third quarter of an NFL game this past Sunday, September 20th.
Over the course of two thrilling weeks, Monica worked on the Indy cars sequences, the transition of the motocross bikes to the Honda jet, the complete jet sequence and the drop of the NSX engine into the car. She illustrated 15 frames per Indy car, over 30 frames for the jet sequence and 20 frames for the engine. Monica said, “It was so cool to see my illustrations in the final product!”
“Paper” will be supported on Honda’s social channels with Twitter trivia, teaser clips on Instagram and Vine, Honda product images on Instagram and GIFs on Twitter.
The two-minute spot will run on network TV placements scheduled on popular programs such as “Dancing with the Stars,” “Rosewood,” “Minority Report,” and “Blue Bloods.” Capping the week of September 26th, “Paper” will air on ESPN during Saturday College Football. A 60-second version will air throughout October on NBC, CBS, Fox and ABC. In addition to TV, digital placements will occur on Facebook and YouTube.
Watch the Must-See Video here:
And watch the amazing behind the scenes making of video here:

Kellie Hautala

Class of 2015

BFA Illustration with a Minor in Design and Digital Media

Designer / Artist


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.50.50 AM







Kellie Hautala, just landed her dream job as a designer at DITA! Kellie has studied Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, Illustration and Graphic Design during her time at Laguna Collage of Art and Design.  Kellie loves trying new restaurants, online shopping, her dogs, big high-heels and really good design.  She currently works as a graphic artist and product designer and feels that having an illustration degree / focus has given her the edge.


Ben Thompson

Class of 1999

BFA Illustration

Lead Artist

Blizzard Entertainment







An experienced Art Director with a broad range of experience in the art field. Proven leadership skills in working with groups and individuals to achieve a high level of performance. Self-motivated, with an ability to work within deadlines and find creative solutions to complicated problems. Dedicated to maintaining high quality standards.

— Freelance Illustration Experience —
A complete portfolio is available upon request. A short list of clients include:
• Wizards of the Coast
• Upper Deck Entertainment
• Tri-King Games
• Alderac Entertainment Group
• Norseman Entertainment
• Warner Brothers
• Angel Quest Inc.

Specialties:• Strong understanding of the Gaming genre, specifically Collectible Card Games and Tabletop Roll Playing Games, both in development and practical application.
• Extensive contacts in the illustration field developed over the last 10 years.
• A well developed understanding of the artist/art director relationship.
• Currently conduct game art portfolio reviews for Laguna College of Art and Design.

Francisco Magana

Class of 2009

BFA Illustration - Graphic Design Emphasis

Senior Multimedia Designer









I am a multidisciplinary visual artist and recent graduate of Laguna College of Art and Design with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communications (illustration with an emphasis in Graphic Design). Aside from my academic achievements I have been working in the professional creative field for over 7 years. Throughout this time I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience in traditional drawing and painting and in the digital realm of motion picture, photography, and design. Communication and entertainment is the core of my body of work. I am very driven by technology and interested in the impact it has had on our society, today. As a designer, I have taken the digital route of motion picture and motion graphics as my primary medium. My goal is to have an impact in the design industry by bringing new fresh ideas in mixed media.

Beau Stanton

Class of 2008

BFA Illustration - Drawing and Painting Emphasis

Gallery Artist

Beau Stanton Art








A member of the third generation of Pop Surrealism, Stanton hails from California and was influenced heavily by the Aesthetic Movement as well as Realist painters Andrew Wyeth and Alphonse Mucha. He relocated to New York after graduation in 2008, and has since been mentored by New York Pop Surrealist Ron English. He has exhibited work with Ad Hoc Art, Gallery Hijinks, Opera New York, and Last Rites Galleries.

Travis Parr

Class of 2004

BFA Illustration


Icelantic Skis









Co-Founder and friend of Icelantic Skis, Travis Parr uses art to express himself in a variety of unusual and inventive ways. He offers his talents to Icelantic as a creative director developing the themes and progression for the company. Other clients include 686 clothing, First Ascent, Rusty, Quicksilver, YMSB… His work has been published in Powder, Backcountry, Freeskier, Snowboarder, Skiing, RSN (TV), The LA Times, The Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News and many other publications worldwide. Parr can also be seen in the fine art world exhibiting in places such as Colorado, California, NYC, Australia, China, Great Britain, Spain, France, Holland, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Poland and Italy.

Winston Suk

Class of 2007

BFA Illustration - Animation Emphasis

Designer / Artist

Disney Interactive Media Group







Specialties:-Layout Mock Up and Design Ideas for Web UI. Hand Coding HTML and CSS for the Front End (UI) Design for web
pages and website. I am able to animate and create engaging Interactive Design and motion graphic in flash for rich media and website designs. I also create Illustrations with a variety of traditional mediums as well as digital mediums.

Jessica Bulinski

Class of 2007

BFA Illustration

Texture Artist / Illustrator

DreamWorks Animation







Specialties:My specialties are Digital Painting and Texture Designs for the look development of CG animated television. This includes the surface design of sets, environments, characters, and props. My education background also includes illustration and traditional painting. Responsible for creating two-dimensional digital artwork that served as prototype style guide to overseas artists for the shading, textures, and materials for the 3-D models. Artwork included: props and sets for the upcoming spin off TV series of DreamWorks’ Dragons: Riders of Berk.

Ryan Darling

Class of 2006

BFA Illustration

Independent Freelancer

Applied Medical







Currently, I provide 3D animation and illustration contributing to the look and feel of the Applied Medical brand. With that my work is used for educating surgeons regarding the use of innovative surgical instruments. My work is seen most with trade show displays, publications, and website use. In creating these Animations I supervised several of the aspects involved: Animation, Rendering, Render Wrangling, Composites and Editing. With that I supervised each project’s pipeline.

Scott Gordon

Class of 2007

BFA Illustration

Scenic Artist

Trio Entertainment Services







I like to draw and paint in all mediums and create unique characters and environments. I love to sculpt when given the opportunity and free time to do so. I have worked on many feature films painting backdrops/sets and painting faux finish on Backlot sets as well. Features including Inception, Land of the Lost, Ironman 2, and backlots of Universal Studios Hollywood and Raleigh Studios.

I am currently working with more Digital mediums and am interested in character and environment design.

Specialties:Drawing and painting

Kaleb Wyman

Class of 2001

BFA Illustration

Senior Designer







During my time as Senior Interactive Designer in Design+Creative at IGN Entertainment, I took interactive rich media advertising to the next level using Flash CS6, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. I specialize in programmatic interactive animation using the Greensock Animation Platform v12, jQuery, and several open source libraries for pixel perfect digital advertising.

As Senior Flash Developer at Number 9 in San Francisco, I used Powerflasher FDT, Flash Builder 4, Flash CS5, AMFPHP Flash Remoting, PHP, and MySQL to bring dynamic data to life with programmatic animation. It was a great experience working in a small team environment of visionaries where we designed and developed many advanced and ambitious projects for the top interactive agencies in San Francisco.

While Associate Creative Director (ACD) – Flash at WhittmanHart Interactive, Los Angeles, I worked on multi-developer interactive website projects with interactive 2D/3D animation and visual effects, along with games, social widgets, Rich Media ads, and an AIR app. The flash sites we built included engaging graphical user interfaces with audio and visual delights. I always push for a balance of code and art, form and function, and simplicity from complexity.

As a part-time instructor at Miami Ad School (and LCAD prior to that) I have been teaching for over 6 years. Courses have included Interactive Media Production, Motion Graphics, and Digital Illustration using the Adobe Creative Suite, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Painter.

Katy Betz

Class of 2006

BFA Illustration LCAD MFA CSUF

Art Professor






As an artist, my work focuses on converting abstract concepts into visual narratives. I imagine stories, worlds, and characters to symbolically express ideas, with the intention of making an emotional and intellectual connection with my audience.

My philosophy echoes this simple credo – to bring something new, something beautiful, and something filled with light into the world. In all I do, I strive to create a space for these elements through the use of originality, quality and imagination.


Kevin Peterson

Class of 2005

BFA Illustration

Freelance Illustrator

Keven Peterson Art







Kevin Peterson graduated in 2005 with a BFA in illustration and has since been work as a freelance illustrator in Southern California.  Some of his clients include: DC SHOES USA, Tapulous, Gatorade: Go All Day, Fallen, Special Blend, Spy+ Optics, Capix, Moto X, Sea Shepherd, Sony: PS3 Family, Sony: MLB 09 The Show, Sony: Ryan Howard: BTS, Sony: E3, Sony: E3 stills, FITC 2008.

Kevin is unique in that he is able to maintain his artistic style and personal vision while satisfying the visual communication needs of his clients.