Illustration Senior Works on National Commercial For Honda »

Congratulations to Illustration Senior Monica Magana!
Recently, LCAD Illustration Senior, Monica Magaña, was a member of a creative team assembled by Academy Award® nominated director, Adam Pesapane, well-known for his groundbreaking stop-motion films.
Using thousands of paper illustrations to create a flipbook glimpse into Honda Motor’s past and present innovations, Magaña and team created a groundbreaking commercial called “Paper.”
Honda loved the commercial so much, they decided to double their airtime purchase and to premier the complete 2-minute version on CBS during the third quarter of an NFL game this past Sunday, September 20th.
Over the course of two thrilling weeks, Monica worked on the Indy cars sequences, the transition of the motocross bikes to the Honda jet, the complete jet sequence and the drop of the NSX engine into the car. She illustrated 15 frames per Indy car, over 30 frames for the jet sequence and 20 frames for the engine. Monica said, “It was so cool to see my illustrations in the final product!”
“Paper” will be supported on Honda’s social channels with Twitter trivia, teaser clips on Instagram and Vine, Honda product images on Instagram and GIFs on Twitter.
The two-minute spot will run on network TV placements scheduled on popular programs such as “Dancing with the Stars,” “Rosewood,” “Minority Report,” and “Blue Bloods.” Capping the week of September 26th, “Paper” will air on ESPN during Saturday College Football. A 60-second version will air throughout October on NBC, CBS, Fox and ABC. In addition to TV, digital placements will occur on Facebook and YouTube.
Watch the Must-See Video here:
And watch the amazing behind the scenes making of video here: