Sculpture Emphasis

Figurative sculpture is woven into the
fabric of LCAD.

Sculpture Minor/Emphasis

LCAD is unique in being one of only a handful of colleges that offer a rigorous curriculum in figurative sculpture. Our classes employ a variety of techniques, producing works ranging from 1/3  life-size to life-size. These courses are a valuable hands-on approach to advancing drawing, painting and animation skills. Courses in sculpture can be combined to earn an emphasis or a minor in sculpture.


From their solid technical grounding to their personal expressions in thematic sculpture, LCAD students are prepared for entering the competitive field of sculpture by gaining commissions, exhibiting as gallery artists or branching out into the entertainment industry.

Alumna, Mardie Rees’ The unveiling of sculpture, C.W. Lonsdale, at the Real Carriage Door wood shop

Mardie Rees LCAD Sculpture Alumna works on commission







Alumnus, Andrew Myers’ sculptures, “The Connection”, “Recycling Tears”, “In Case of Emergency”

Elizabeth__Alvarez 01

Mardie Rees standing next to “Dawn & Dusk” on the night of the opening reception at the Tampa Museum of Art.


Art Renewal Center (ARC) 2013/14 Salon, Honorable Mention in the Sculpture Category, Mardie Rees (LCAD Fine Arts Alumna)Gung-Ho , WWII U.S. Marine Raider Memorial, Clay for Bronze


       Fantasy Sculpture is offered to all majors who want to explore their

creations in three dimensional form.


 This course offers classical instruction applied to Animation, Film, Special Effects, and Game Design.  At LCAD, our students are able to perfect their traditional sculpting skills to gain an extra edge when entering competitive creative industries.


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 Alumna Jessie Fohrman. Work below featured at Monsterpalooza –  photos taken by Keri Kilgo and Xun Chi

Fohrman 1Jessie in LCAD StudioFohrman X