Creative Writing BFA

Creative Writing BFA

Where do I find application information?
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What’s the difference between a BA and a BFA?
There’s no difference in terms of academic value. Both are worthwhile pursuits. The distinction is in the approach, or, more specifically, in that one letter — F — which, of course, stands for fine. Finer candidates would likely prefer honing their own voices, working on their own writing techniques, and improving their own narrative and artistic skills. More simply: BA students spend their time in a classroom; BFA students spend their time in a workshop.


What can I do with a Creative Writing degree?
The obvious answers first: you can work as a writer in myriad fields — media, marketing, publishing, entertainment, and on it goes. Slightly less obvious pursuits might include the following: legal fields, education, communications, or graduate school (see our programs here [need hyperlink]). Finally there are possible fringe benefits that are not necessarily career-related: family and friends will look forward to your witty toasts and smashing holiday cards; your ability to banter and engage in razor-sharp repartee will rival the saltiest of barflies; your understanding of and familiarity with the chambers of the human heart will overwhelm the object(s) of your desire; and people will generally not be inclined to roll their eyes when you start telling a story (you know, the way they do when that one neighbor you have gets going — he might very well be the only one who knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, but you’d never know because he knows nothing of suspense or pacing or narrative structure, and he can’t turn a phrase even when he’s got a compass).

LibArts_campus life events 2_Distinguished Authors Reading_Luke_B_1Nov2012What can I expect from LCAD’s BFA in Creative Writing?
A strong foundation in language and storytelling. An exploration of deep craft. A defined and amplified writing voice. Devoted professors. A soul-enriching experience. arts-focused community. Intangibles made tangible. Possible collaborations with artists in other disciplines. A subversion of the traditional (including the literary canon). Pacific Ocean access. Intimate classes. Liberal approaches to genre and form. And a memoirs’ worth of laughs, yucks, and fun.


What is Laguna Beach like?
One part art colony. One part beach town. Fill to the brim with sunny, breezy weather in the mid 70s. Garnish with a sigh and a smile.


Does LCAD prefer a particular writing style or subject?
No. We just want great writing. We want it bold. We want it iconoclastic. We want it diverse And these wants apply to style and subject, tone and theme, form and structure.