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Ash Thorp inspires LCAD Designers »

On April 29th, Prolific director and designer Ash Thorp visited the LCAD campus.  Ash gave a talk about his journey into motion graphics and directing.  Ash was humble and very candid about what he has gone through to get to where he is at.  Ash wowed the students with his work and even more importantly his work ethic.  He shared tips on how to think about your mortality to motivate yourself to get work done.  Everyone at LCAD was so appreciative of how much Ash shared with us.


LCAD president Jonathan Burke welcomes Ash Thorp in front of a crowd of eager students and alumni.



Ash talks about his most intense year of professional growth and development.



Ash stands before his hero Carl Sagan.



Ash poses for a photo with LCAd Designers. Ash has very kind and answered everyones questions. He was met with lots of curiosity and passion from designers.


Watch Ash’s Reel:

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