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Wlliam Havlicek


Adjunct Faculty

Liberal Arts

I grew up in Iowa roving its fields and forests on imaginary expeditions. An early immersion in nature was amplified by a childhood visit to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago where I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Egyptian mummy cases exuding the strange odor of ancient objects. While studying painting at the international Dutch academy Atelier 63' in Haarlem, Netherlands, I discovered the great Dutch historian J.H. Huizinga and his classic Dutch Civilization in the 17th Century and Other Essays. Huizinga brought history alive, transporting the past into the present. When I graduated as a Fine Art Major from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, I drew well and had developed a natural gift for color composition. At the University of Iowa I completed the MA and MFA in Painting and Art History and began a lifelong career as an exhibiting painter and college teacher. I enjoyed a half decade as curator of education and exhibitions at the Riverside Art Museum. While teaching at LCAD, I completed a PhD from Claremont Graduate University in Aesthetics and Art History, and my dissertation on Van Gogh's letters resulted in Van Gogh's Untold Journey: Revelations of Faith, Family & Artistic Inspiration. This book has led to an active lecture schedule at venues like the Bowers Museum and universities. Currently I am co-authoring a second book, Johanna: The Other Van Gogh. I cherish co-leading LCAD summer study groups in Europe and my weekly classroom exchange with our inspiring and creative students.