LCAD Main Campus

Taylor Olivas


Adjunct Faculty


Tayler Olivas is a recent graduate from Laguna College of Art & Design (LCAD) and is an avid educator and traditional environment artist outside of his work in the game industry. Born in Hanford, CA he was always surrounded by nature and had an interest in all forms of academia. Having a deep interest in cinema, games, and fine art Tayler decided to pursue his dream of becoming a working artist.

Previously, Tayler has worked on independent film pitches with Disney executives, visual development for independent games, and illustration for advertising and marketing. Years of experience with traditional and digital media have led to Tayler’s proficiency to create convincing images and provide the world of Planet Initium with a visual style with saturated hues, and exaggerated forms.  Being one of the earliest developers at One Tap Studio, Tayler has provided input and art direction that has influenced the overall visual experience of the game, Planet Initium.

Tayler’s overall curiosity for artmaking, both traditional and digital, have led him to attend workshops and seminars from artists in all avenues of the entertainment industry, bringing that information back to his students. In his free time, Tayler enjoys taking hikes, plein air painting, camping, playing new launches, and chipping away at his own personal projects.