Stu Trautenberg

Adjunct Faculty

MFA in Game Design

Stu Trautenberg, is a Jersey boy with a high sense of integrity, trust. candor and dry sense of humor. Mom taught him the most valuable lesson in life. She told him “Don’t be afraid to ask the hard question, if the answer is No, that is where you started from anyway.” Most of the time you’ll be surprised that the answer you receive is Yes. Good advice Mom. His “out of the box” and 60’s radical Poli Sci professors at Boston University introduced him to entrepreneurial thinking. His profs taught him to question authority, that there is no such thing as experts and your ideas are just as good as anybody go for it. At the age of 23, Stu founded his own technical | executive search firm, S.A. Traut Associates in Kenmore Square, Boston. S.A. Traut Associates is still going strong today. He is also the founder on an engineering predictive analytics startup call JobzLab. He went on to help build several teams that have been acquired by Sony Playstation, Salesforce, Facebook and Cisco. He helped build Gaikai in 2009, a mobile, cloud streaming platform enabling everyone to play AAA video games on mobile devices. He and a great team took Gaikai from 3 Founders to 100 employees in 1.5 years. Sony acquired Gaikai for $400 million and is the only cloud streaming startup to be acquired. Everything streaming at Playstation is a result of this Gaikai acquisition. Oculus hired several of Stu's devs to be part of their core dev team in 2012 when they were just a seed funded VR start-up. The CEO of Oculus also worked at Gaikai and Stu built his design team there. Stu was given an offer to join Oculus to help find all the talent and help build the culture in 2012. He was unable to join Oculus full time, but learned another life lesson. When opportunity knocks...take risk and answer the door.