Sharon Allicotti



I was born in Los Angeles, California, where I continue to reside and work. My graduate studies at California State University Long Beach included working with international realist painters Alfred Leslie and Lynn Foulkes, as well as art critic and painter, Peter Plagens. Upon graduating, I received the CSULB Art Department Outstanding Graduate Award for my MFA thesis exhibition, and began teaching at the college level and traveling during breaks to study the painting collections of London, Paris, and Italy. I have shown in solo and group exhibitions regionally and nationally and have won numerous awards including a grant from the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, to live and work at their Taos, New Mexico artist colony. My paintings depict scenes inspired by the vast desert regions east of my home in Los Angeles. Although characterized by great specificity in clarity of realist detail, it is my intention is that my images remain - as with poetry - open to individual interpretation. I have been teaching at LCAD since 1992, and see my role as that of facilitator, dedicated to enabling students to achieve their finest creative potential within the inexhaustible viability of the figurative realist tradition.