LCAD Main Campus

Sebastian Kings


Adjunct Faculty

Game Art

I’m Sebastian, currently a visdev artist at animation studio Titmouse, Inc. I graduated from LCAD in 2018 and the day after I drove up to Los Angeles for a job interview at DreamWorks. I worked on Netflix shows for two years there, before my art director recommended me for a job at Titmouse. I’ve been fortunate to work on exciting projects with talented people, using skills I learned at school, all while making a good union wage. I’ve decided though, that I want to expand my career beyond just animation. I want to come back and teach because I would get to focus on a curriculum of technical skills and art process, while sharing and broadening my professional network. My resume will show I have experience teaching - both at iD Tech summer tech camps, and when my high school asked me back to teach digital art classes for their CSArts Academy program over Spring 2018, as well as being Game Art student tutor for a while. I look forward to maintaining a supportive, productive classroom that fits well with the existing curriculum and sets students up for professional success. I feel like I got the very best out of Game Art during my time there, and I will endeavour to pass that on to a new generation of students. Thank you for your consideration.