Sean Patton

Adjunct Faculty

MFA in Game Design

Sean Patton made his first game at the age of 10 on a TI-80 Computer. It was then he wanted a career at the nexus of art and technology. He received a degree in Theatre Arts from Cal Poly - Pomona. His first full time job after graduation was working for Interplay Productions on such classic franchises as Baldur's Gate, Descent, and Star Trek.

In his nearly 20 years in the industry he has focused mostly on production and game design for companies such as GameSpy, inXile entertainment, Disney Interactive and Blizzard Entertainment. In addition to traditional game development, Sean has had a strong slant towards emerging technologies. He spearheaded development of game streaming technologies at both Interplay and GameSpy, led the development for inXile's mobile division, drove development of Disney's Toys to Life business on mobile platforms and currently is venturing into the exciting world of Esports with Blizzard entertainment.

Disney Infinity 3.0

· 2016 Toy of the Year Awards "E-Connected Toy of the Year" Winner

· 2016 Kids' Choice Awards "Favorite Video Game" Nominee

· 2016 BAFTA Awards "Best Family Game" Nominee

· E3 2015 Game Critics Awards "Best Family/Social Game" Nominee


Disney Infinity 2.0

· 2015 Kids' Choice Awards "Most Addicting Game" Nominee

· 2015 NAVGTR Award "Game, Franchise Family" Nominee

· E3 2014 Game Critics Awards "Best Social/Casual Game" Nominee


Bard's Tale

· GDC Awards - Best New Studio Nominee

· Interactive Achievement Awards - Best RPG of the Year Nominee

· Interactive Achievement Awards - Outstanding Character Performance Nominee