LCAD Main Campus

Sandy Appleoff Lyons


Adjunct Faculty

Game Design

I have always had an affinity for the creative process in every aspect from research to engineering the idea. Currently I am engaging the creative process in respect to curriculum development and designing the new Game Art major. This is undoubtedly the most humbling and yet the most rewarding work I have done thus far in my career. My background pretty much covers the gamut of visual communication. After completing my undergrad at Iowa State University I was hired by Hallmark Cards and from there I went headlong into advertising, both illustrating and designing for clients that ranged from small publishers to Fortune 500 companies. As an educator my career includes the Kansas City Art Institute Illustration Department, the University of Kansas Design Department and the Colorado Mountain College, Aspen Campus. It was late in the journey that I completed my MFA at the University of Kansas in Scenography. When possible I travel back to my studio on my family's third generation farm in Nebraska as a part of my personal artistic process. My personal work is in watercolor. I would also have to say that one of my greatest joys is painting with my watercolor students out on the beach by the Montage here in Laguna. I believe every time our art steps forward, we as artists, in our own way, impress values and opinions and reflect the world as it sees itself through our work.