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Rob Bou-Saab


Storyboard Artist Fox Television Animation


So far, my career has been short and sweet. Almost immediately after graduating from LCAD, I landed a job as a Storyboard Artist on "Family Guy." Together with a team of incredibly talented artists, I'm responsible for creating and orchestrating all of the visual components for various episodes of "Family Guy", including character designs, backgrounds, props, layouts, and acting poses. I owe as much of my professional success to good timing as I do to hard work, and I've been working hard not to get fired ever since. The 5 Most Important Things I Learned From LCAD: Outwork Everyone - The animation industry is fiercely competitive and there's no room for slackers. Develop a diehard work ethic and hone your craft. Network - Open yourself up to new people and new opportunities and always conduct yourself in a friendly and professional manner. Take The Initiative - Utilize every conceivable resource at your disposal to solve your problems and learn new things. Respect Your Body and Mind - Make the time to exercise, eat healthy, and sleep well. Be A Light To Yourself - Always listen and be grateful for advice, but trust your instincts. Only you know what's best for you.

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