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Renee Garcia


Adjunct Faculty


Prof. Garcia began her academic career at San Diego Mesa College for two years before transferring into the Anthropology Program at UC Berkeley. While there she volunteered and was eventually hired for fossil prep in the Museum of Paleontology and the Institute for Human Origins with Donald Johansson. Both provided excellent learning opportunities and experience that useful in a range of her classes from introduction to biological anthropology, forensic anthropology and human evolution.

After completing the Anthropology program, she attended the Université de Sorbonne and the Université de Bordeaux I in France where Prof. Garcia received a Master’s degree in Biological Anthropology, with an emphasis on paleoanthropology. Her research focused on Neandertal and modern human cranial bone variation. Using CT technology along with a good deal of archaeological excavation that included Paleolithic Neandertal cave sites in the South of Spain and excavation in France. She also spent much of this time giving lectures and doing research in Indonesia, various countries in Europe, North Africa and Japan.

In 2005, she was hired for the full-time anthropology professor position at Saddleback College. Since that time Prof. Garcia has received certificates from the Body Farm, the Institute of Forensic Research at University of Tennessee, Knoxville and other recent conferences like NCORE (National Conference on Race and Equity).

Prof. Garcia looks forward to teaching human evolution and discussing one of the most interesting aspects of paleoanthropology, the study of Upper Paleolithic Art. Who painted it? When? And with what tools? This will be one of the topics covered in the course for spring