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Patrick Powell



Game Design

Patrick Powell is a 2019 graduate of the Laguna College of Art & Design, Art of Game Design MFA where he worked on the VR experience Valley of Kings. Patrick has 8 years of experience as an educator in College Station, Texas where he teaches 2D/3D animation, Video Game Design, Video Game Programming, and occasionally, Information Technology and Cyber Security.

Outside of the classroom, Patrick is the founder and lead designer of the US based Tiny Roar Studio, a small studio focusing on the development of edutainment experiences, which flips the idea of educational games on its head. We hope to make games which are so engaging that players can’t help but learn about the world around them along the way. As an Educator at heart, Patrick hopes to change how people look at educational games and reimagine the way we use games as an educational tool. It would be wonderful if we could stop the mentality of “learning is not fun” and get back to our younger days when learning was accomplished through play.

Graduate Alumni: 
Game Design