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Norman Leonard


Associate Professor

Liberal Arts

I grew up in Lake Elsinore, California. Local legend had it that when Cortes explored the area, he sent a cabin boy down into a valley to scout fresh water. Three days later the boy returned, skin pale, hair ghostly white, and on the brink of death. Cortez asked the boy what had happened, what he had seen. The boy replied, "Hell, se¦or!" and dropped dead. In honor of the boy's death, Cortez named the lake after his dying words - Lake Hell Se¦or - which by and by became Lake Elsinore. I didn't find the town to be Hell exactly but rather the ideal place - with its mystery and intrigue - to fall in love with the world of the story. I left Lake Elsinore to study English at CSU Long Beach and then film and screenwriting at Chapman University, and now I spend my days teaching and my nights writing. Professionally, I work as a screenwriter and script doctor. Many shorts I have written have toured the festival circuit the world over. Currently, I live in Lake Forest with my wife, my two kids, and my dog. The dog was adopted; the kids were not - but they could be. Serious offers should be sent by certified mail.