LCAD Main Campus

Nicole Hartshorn


Adjunct Faculty

Liberal Arts

Art has always been my passion: art is what truly satisfies and inspires me. I feel so fortunate in my profession to have the opportunity to share this passion with others. At the age of twelve I created and sold my first logo, and years later created a successful graphic design business, specializing in branding and identity packages. My artistic accolades include the New York Society of Illustrators competition in 2000, and the Disney Creative Challenge Awards competition in 1994. My academic work has earned prestigious merits in writing and collaborations with the leading Classical Studies scholars as a writing contributor. I am published in the area of Roman Visual Narrative and Commemoration, a visiting lecturer on Ancient Propaganda, and an inductee into the Distinguished Guest Lecturer Series through Saddleback College. I have worked in the museum context, and as gallery curator, consultant and community arts volunteer. Where I am most comfortable is in the classroom. My students have honored my dedication to teaching in the most humbling ways, sharing the impact I have had on their life and art. I was also honored to be nominated for the Teacher of the Year award in 2012. Since 1998 I have been travelling internationally for both leisure and field work. I have been told my photography and travel adventures enrich the classroom experience and inspire students in their art and worldly endeavors. I consider it a privilege to be an educator at LCAD, where I am continually renewed by my students.