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Morghan Gill


Adjunct Faculty


Ever since I was little, I have loved to draw and I knew from an early age that I wanted to work in animation. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I moved to Southern California in 2007 to pursue my dream and ended up in beautiful Laguna Beach. While in school, I learned so much from teachers and students alike and had classes covering all areas of the industry; from animation to story boarding to design and figure drawing.
In 2011 I graduated from the Laguna College of Art and Design with a BFA in Animation. While at school, I received a well-rounded art education and had the opportunity to intern at Cartoon Network. My experience was invaluable and helped prepare me for the professional world. Immediately out of school, I began working at a small studio were all of my skills were put to use. I did everything from character and effects animation, character design, environment design, UI and concept. Quickly, I began finding myself in leadership roles. Since then, I have worked as an art lead in Prague, a character designer at FOX Animation, a senior 2D artist at Bad Juju, and I am currently a 2D artist at Magic Pixel Games in Los Angeles, California. Besides working in studios, I also have a healthy contract business where I freelance as a character designer and concept artist to studios and clients in need.

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