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Marcella Stockstill


Associate Professor of Liberal Arts and Art History

Liberal Arts

Marcella Stockstill’s research and teaching explore the interconnected histories of the visual arts and sciences from the 15th—17th centuries. After doing her undergraduate studies at UC Irvine, Marcella earned her MA in Art History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a thesis tracing exchanges in optics, color production, and alchemy among 15th-century Netherlandish and Italian artists. A fulltime lectureship in Art History at Chapman University in Orange inspired Marcella to pursue her doctorate at Claremont Graduate University, where she earned her PhD in History and Early Modern Studies. Her work restores a new class of natural philosophers to the historical record of the enlightenment—firemasters who practiced alchemy and handbook illustration—reestablishing their place at the intersections of art and science. Her research has been supported by The Newberry Library in Chicago (Newberry Renaissance Consortium Grant), The California Rare Book School at UCLA (Delmas Scholarship), the Center for European Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill (Foreign Language and Area Studies Award), and she received the 2017 Transdisciplinary Dissertation Award, the Friedman Award, and the Ida Lloyd Crotty Endowed Scholarship at Claremont Graduate University for her research. Her publications include the Bodman Collection of Italian Renaissance Manuscripts (Libraries, Claremont Colleges, 2009), and book reviews for Routledge and Laurence King Publishers in the UK. Marcella has held two positions in curatorial and educational capacities at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Orange County Museum of Art, with a four-year position at the Laguna College of Art and Design as Manager of Exhibitions and Director of Community Education. Currently, Marcella is engaged in reverse-engineering a 17th-century pyrotechnic dragon from the illustrated handbook central to her dissertation, while developing a new Art History program for LCAD. Most important, Marcella is honored to teach at LCAD whose students possess uncommon talent, insight, energy, humor, and a turn of mind for the artistic process.