Maggie Rossoni

Adjunct Faculty

Graphic Design + Digital Media
Maggie Rossoni headshot

While completing her education in California, Maggie developed an interest in the study of symbols and their cultural significance. This experience was enhanced during Maggie's several trips to Europe. These journeys inspired poster exhibitions where she refined her genre of poster design emphasizing in semiotics and conceptual design.

Maggie has been teaching for several years and has taught courses in visual communications, advertising, multimedia and graphic design. She has also taught students how to write dissertations, thesis, and has been a professional examination committee member. Maggie is mostly proud of the fact that her students have published their work in important design books and magazines and have won international competitions.

Maggie has worked for several advertising agencies, design and package design studios in California; including Toshiba and Pioneer. Currently she is the CEO of The Creative Spell. Working with clients like The Boy Scouts of America, Overture Displays and CFR and Co.; The Creative Spell specializes in marketing and design including packaging design, editorial design, branding, logo design, advertising, web design and multimedia.

Maggie is currently faculty member at LCAD and enjoys sharing personal and professional experiences with her students while motivating them to enlighten their lives through education.